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The Clic-Clac Futon frame

The Clic-Clac Futon Frame

What is it?

The Oslo Metal Clic-Clac 3 seater futon frameThe term “Clic-Clac” refers to the mechanical function of a convertible futon sofa bed.

Clic-Clac mechanisms are perfect for stylish and easy to use metal frame futon sofa beds. Our mechanisms are extremely strong and are of European design.

Conversion from sofa into a bed can be done by raising the front edge of the seat to release the frame into the bed position. Conversion back to a sofa is just as easy and takes only a few seconds.

Easy of use

The great feature of a Clic-Clac frame is that conversion is completed with the futon mattress in place, so no heavy lifting is required. The mattress simply flops from the seat position to the bed position without any adjustment. As the Clic-Clac frame is very strong and our mattresses are weighty there is no need to use strapping on the futon to hold it in place. Our high quality futon mattresses will take up the position and hold in place. Some models have a non-slip mat which also gives the futon extra stability on the frame.


All our Clic-Clac frames also feature a beech ‘sprung-slat’ sitting and sleeping platform Nordic 3 seater Clic-Clac metal futon frame
for improved comfort. Because the strong slats are correctly spaced, this allows the futon to breathe and this helps increase the life of the futon mattress. The metal futon frame ensures the sofa is very sturdy and ideal for regular use both as a sofa and as a bed.