Ergonomically designed pillow to support your hip, knee and back whilst sleeping on your side

Designed, manufactured and registered as a medical device in the UK


Hips – Can be used to support your hip from beneath whilst sleeping on your side. In addition it may be used post-operatively allowing the patient to lie on their side significantly reducing the chance of adduction.

Back – May be used to alleviate lower back pain with referred symptoms into the leg, by maintaining the lumbar spine in a neutral position and preventing the supported leg rolling forward so putting a torsion on the lower spine.

Knees – To support your knee from below, helping it from medical movement whilst sleeping on your side.

Now recommended by Physiotherapists and Consultants at The West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge and the Physio team at Ramsey Rivers Hospital in Sawbridgeworth.

Dimensions: 45cm x 96cm x 10cm (One size only)
Filling: Polyester Fibre
Colour: Various
Cover material: 100% cotton (Dry clean only)

Please note:
For reasons of hygiene, Slumber Support cannot be returned once the packaging has been opened,unless there is a manufacturing fault. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Slumber Support is a LARGE cushion which is designed to keep patients stable on their side whilst keeping the operated leg parallel to the bed and fully supported (see the picture). The size of the cushion is important as it anchors the patient safely on their side, reducing the chance of adduction whilst sleeping. A smaller cushion would not achieve this.

Post-operative use of this product should only be undertaken after professional advice from a qualified surgeon or physiotherapist.

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