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Futon Care and maintenance

We are often asked about the aftercare of our futons. It’s important to keep your futon mattress dry and clean. We recommend using a good quality washable mattress protector or futon cover over the mattress when it is being used as a bed.

It is a good idea to regularly turn a futon mattress to make sure wear is evenly distributed, especially if you find one area of the mattress gets used more than other parts (do you have a favourite end?!).

If you use your futon more as a seat than a bed then the seating area will naturally get more wear. Try and make sure that you do not sit in one place try to use other areas along the mattress so you don’t get a worn area.

If you use it as a bed your weight and sleeping positions may mean it could wear unevenly. So every few months, turn your mattress top to bottom so that the foot of the futon as now at the head. This will also prolong the mattress’ life and make sure it is well-ventilated. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIFT OR TURN A FUTON MATTRESS ON YOUR OWN. Always use two people as you may damage the futon mattress or yourself! Hold the entire mattress so that the cover does not get torn. This will help redistribute the fillings and help prevent hollows or lumping.

The Japanese are interestingly obsessed about keeping their futons aired and dried. On a visit to Japan you are likely to see their lighter-weight futons draped over balconies airing. In this country our futons are much heavier and will be difficult to air outside (especially with British weather!) If we do have a lovely sunny day, you can put your futon outside to air, as this will allow any accumulated moisture to dry out. This would also help maintain the loft of the natural fibres.

In colder or damp conditions moisture may condense on the underside of your futon causing staining. Check regularly for soiling or moisture and if this happens turn and air your mattress more frequently.

Like any bed mattress, a futon mattress cannot be washed or dry-cleaned (as the cover is buttoned as part of the mattress). If you spill something on the mattress, blot it up quickly with an absorbent cloth or tissue. Do not rub as this will affect the dye.

Vacuum your futon regularly, using the upholstery attachment, will also help remove dust and dirt from the futon mattress.

Additional futon covers are dry-clean only and new covers can bring an old futon back to life. They are easy put on and take off and get into place. Have a look at our large range of replacement futon covers – a new look for a fraction of the price.