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10 ways to look after your wooden futon frame

These 10 top tips will help keep your wooden futon frame in great condition

Wooden futon frames look great and age beautifully. If you look after them, they will last forever. All woods however can have significant colour variation, from one piece to another, as with any natural product. There are some simple tips for keeping your wooden futon frame in the best condition:

#1) Keep it in the shade

Over time, sunlight can cause the wood to darken and mellow throughout its life. Oils in the wood will accelerate this process, as such any areas which are regularly touched, such as the arms will gain a noticeably darker tint to the rest of the frame. This is a natural process so we suggest you keep the futon frame out of direct sunlight and UV rays. Once the sun has bleached out the colour, which can happen very quickly, this is irrevocable.

#2) Your Home Has It’s Own Eco-System

Solid oak furniture may expand and contract in humid conditions or changing temperatures where water is absorbed into the wood. This can cause the grain to swell and create rough areas. So, take care not to place your futon frame next to a radiator or other sources of extreme heat or moisture.

#3) Look Out!!

Be careful not to spill liquids onto the wooden frame and if this does happen make sure that the wood is dried thoroughly.

#4) No Mugs Allowed!

Never place hot items (e.g. mugs) directly onto the futon arms without using a heat resistant coaster mat as direct heat will draw out the moisture in the wood and will leave a ring mark ingrained into the wood.Coffee Spilling from mug

#5) Give it a buff

To clean the wood finish, wipe with a slightly damp cloth and buff with a dry one – easy!.

#6)  No need to soak

In the event of more stubborn marks, a solution of mild detergent can be used on a damp cloth but make sure it’s not too wet then just buff dry with a cloth.

#7) Be careful with that polish

Don’t use silicone based polishes on the wood as they will build up and leave a sticky residue on the surface.

#8) Lift, Don’t Drag!

When pulling the wooden frame out into the bed position take care not to scratch the floor surface, futon mattresses can be heavy. Lift the frame slightly as you move it.

#9) A little maintenance goes a long way

Occasionally check the metal bolts and tighten them if necessary to keep the frame rigid and stable.

#10) Sit back and relax

Take your time to find the best futon mattress for sleeping and the best for daily use, you’ll be far happier knowing you’ve done your research and made the right choice than you would if you rushed out and bought a cheap futon just because it was cheap. Stay in love with your futon and take the time to look after it and it will give you years of continuous comfort.

Your wooden futon frame is a great sofa and bed, use these top tips and it will give you many years of fabulous service.