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Futon mattresses handmade to order

With over 30 years in the industry we provide the most comfortable & best quality futons

We’re here for you.

Let us help you make the right choice, we are always happy to help so feel free to contact us. You can get in touch in the following ways:

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  • Email us using our contact form on our contact page.
  • Call us (01223) 480034.

Local to Exeter? Come and see us in the Cambridge Futons factory in Woodbury.

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Rest assured, when you buy a futon from us you are getting a top quality product at an unbeatable price.


  • The most extensive range of UK handmade futon sofa beds available from the traditional futon roll to our completely modern luxury futons.
  • Solid American Oak Sofa bed frames and top quality New Zealand Pine from a certified ecologically-friendly farmed source for our outstanding ‘A’ frames.
  • Great range of fabric options and exclusive designs.
  • Fast free next day delivery (post fabrication) to mainland UK on all futon mattresses.
  • Safe and secure shopping, payments are handled by Stripe.
  • Great customer service and support from a Buy With Confidence Trading Standards approved retailer.

What is a futon?

Futon mattresses have been developed from ‘traditional’ to ‘western’ styles and traditionally came from Japan. The futon would be laid on the floor as a thin mattress and then in the morning it would be rolled up and placed in a cupboard or closet. Consisting of a combination of cotton, wool and man-made materials the traditional mattress would be taken outside on a regular basis to be beaten with a stick, aired, and dried to reduce any deterioration of the mattress.

The sofa bed was developed to give extra comfort and functionality which was more suited to the western lifestyle, it could now be used as a sofa during the day and a bed at night.

The Monk is the closest to a traditional Japanese futon made with two layers of felt. This can easily be rolled up and stored for occasional use only.

Futon Mattresses

Originally futon mattresses were sold by the layer, for example, you could have a 4, or up to 9 layer “mat” or “pad”, but there were no regulations and each manufacturer decided on the thickness of each layer and the materials used. This caused confusion to the customer and made it difficult to compare. So, don’t be misled by retailers describing their products by the number of layers. Make your choice based upon your support & firmness requirements.

Quality Futon

We know how important your comfort is thats why we only use the highest quality fillings designed to meet the support needs of our customers. We do not use crumb foam in any of our products. We want to make sure you get the best possible product and value for money.

Other types of sofa bed

We also supply unique futon mattresses for use with the Selwyn or Pangkor. It has Velcro straps to hold the mattress in place on the frame and can be upgraded with a reflex-foam core, if the frame is to be used as an every day bed.

In addition, our stylish Studio is made in two separate parts which enables any two seater futon frame to have the comfort of a bi-fold futon mattress. It means that the frame can sit right against the wall, without the mattress going over the back, giving it more of a sofa look. The additional cushion (which makes up a 4’6″ double bed mattress) can be stored separately if required.

Tri-fold futon mattresses

Tri-fold or standard mattresses were developed to sit in the ‘S’ shape required for an “A frame” (such as the Cambridge or Darwin) or a two seater frame (like the Cavendish or Akino). The premium standard tri-fold can be upgraded with cotton rich (white) filling which makes it more breathable, or to the flexi pocket tri-fold for ultimate bed comfort.

Bi-fold futon mattresses

The bi-fold or twin-loft mattress is the right shape for any three seater frame (like the Akino or Cavendish) or can be used on a slated bed frame. Whilst this is an exceptionally comfortable mattress it too can be upgraded depending on your support requirements to the cotton rich (white) filling.

Tri-Fold futon illustration
Bi-fold futon illustration

Luxury specialist mattress

As many of our customers have specific support requirements, just like when you buy a ‘normal’ bed mattress, our suppliers Cambridge Futons are the only futon retailer able to offer a huge range of specialist mattresses. Whether you are looking for a softer feel (Pocket Sprung) or a firmer feel (Cocoloc, or TradLux) we are sure we can find your perfect mattress.

Metal Frames

We only use the best steel in our metal frames, we also use sprung slates for extra support and comfort.

Wooden Frames

We use Pine, Oak and hardwoods to make our wooden futon frames. We know that high quality frames are made with strong under-rails and wood without finger-jointing. Sprung slats also add to making a really comfortable sofa and bed.

Slumber Support

Futons First is the retailer of the medical cushion called Slumber Support. We offer the standard and deluxe cushions to help people wishing to safely sleep on their side after having hip replacement surgery.


Slumber Support

Delivery and Customer Service

Being based in the factory, we are able to provide a speedy service, second to none. We have up-to-date knowledge of futon frames and fabric availability. Our customer service team are always happy to help you through the ordering process, give advice and guidance based upon years of working in the industry. We will give you a named contact for your order, who will see your order through from manufacture to delivery. So, contact us today – we are ready to help!

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