Futons First Reviews

Futons First Reviews From Our Customers We love receiving emails from customers about their futons! Most recently we have had a photo from a customer to show how they have used their…


The Clic-Clac Futon frame

The Clic-Clac Futon Frame What is it? The term "Clic-Clac" refers to the mechanical function of a convertible futon sofa bed. Clic-Clac mechanisms are perfect for stylish and easy to…


Futon Care

Futon Care and maintenance

We are often asked about the aftercare of our futons. It’s important to keep your futon mattress dry and clean. We recommend using a good quality washable mattress protector or futon cover over the mattress when it is being used as a bed.


Futon News

We created this blog in order to keep our customers up to date with the latest news, both from ourselves and the futon world. We would be very happy to receive…


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