Our fabrics and colours range is one of the largest

Our range of fabric choices are illustrated below. We’re sure you will appreciate the difficulties of getting exact colour reproduction on a computer screen, it can’t replicate the light in your room, or the reflection of your decor! If you would like a fabric sample please call or e-mail us and we will be happy to oblige.

Please note: Some fabrics have a different backing to the top fabric. Futons in the Beach Hut fabric have Natural Cotton Drill on the sides and underneath. The Tweed fabrics come with Pampas on the sides and underneath.

You make your fabric selection using the drop-down boxes on the product pages.

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Cottonsafe® Cream

Cottonsafe® Cream

Cottonsafe® Checked Aubergine

Cottonsafe® Checked Aubergine

Cottonsafe® Checked Burgundy

Cottonsafe® Checked Burgundy

Cottonsafe® is Cottonsafe® Natural Mattresses unique trademarked fabric made from a unique blend of organic cotton and wool, which is naturally fire-retardant with no man-made fibres and NO ADD ON TREATMENTS, COATINGS OR CHEMICALS. Cottonsafe® has a UK patent pending.

Cottonsafe® is produced for Futons First in a specialist British mill from UK sourced materials.

This hard-wearing material is suitable on all our futon mattresses whether you wish to have it on a traditional futon sofa bed or if you want it for use as a bed mattress only.

Please be aware no other futon or sofa bed manufacturers in the UK produce futons and mattresses without chemical fire retardants. Organic cotton alone will NOT pass the fire regulations without FR treatment. Be safe and ask for the manufacture fire certificate.

Cotton Drill

Aubergine Cotton Drill


Burgundy Cotton Drill


Kingfisher Cotton Drill


Lilac Cotton Drill


Mocha Cotton Drill


Natural Cotton Drill


Navy Cotton Drill


Royal Cotton Drill


Warm Grey Cotton Drill

Warm Grey

Cotton Drill is a durable 100% cotton fabric with a strong bias (diagonal) in the weave. This means it is extremely suitable for futons, being strong with a smooth finish.

Our large selection of top of the range Cotton Drill colours (Aubergine, Burgundy, Kingfisher, Candyfloss, Mocha,

Natural, Navy, Royal and Warm Grey) are manufactured and supplied by a leading mill in the UK.

We also have two trending pattern cotton drill fabrics – Beach Hut and Owls. Whilst they are colourfast, our Cotton Drill covers are not washable but Dry-Clean only.


Brick Chenille



Denim Chenille


Mink Chenille


Oyster Chenille


Slate Chenille


Plum Chenille


Chenille is our premium fabric, named by the process by which is it made. It is very strong and thick but soft to the touch with a velvet feel.

The chenille fabrics are created by placing short lengths of yarn, called the “pile”, between two “core yarns” and then twisting the yarn together. The edges of these piles then stand at right angles to the yarn’s core, giving chenille both its softness and its characteristic look. The yarn is manufactured from polyester.

7 colours are available in our range – Brick, Cocoa, Denim, Mink, Oyster, Slate and Plum. Cleaning chenille should be done by gently using a vacuum with a brush attachment. Our chenille fabrics are dry-cleanable only.

Did you know that Chenille is the French word for Caterpillar?!




Chilli Tibetan








Lavender Tibetan






Tibetan is our new fabric, with a textured appearance. It is very strong and thick but soft to the touch with a velvet feel. 9 colours are available in our range – Amethyst, Chilli, Cream, Duck-Egg, Iron, Lavender, Pebble and Sage.

To keep the fabric at its best, simply vacuum clean gently with a brush attachment. This Tibetan range is dry-clean only.


Heather Tweed

Heather Tweed

Moss Tweed

Moss Tweed




Beach Huts

Tweeds are also made from 100% polyester making them extremely strong, durable and resistant to stretching and shrinking.

Available in a choice of Heather and Moss checked pattered or Pampas plain. The Heather and Moss have the Pampas fabric on the side and bottom panels.

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