2 Seater Studio Mattress

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Wish your 2 seater futon could look more like a sofa? Now it can with the Studio style futon mattress.

This futon is split into two sections, a 1/3 that goes over the back of the frame and a 2/3 section for the seat. The two sections are attached with a zip fastening and the smaller section can be removed and stored if your futon is mainly being used as a sofa. This design gives the futon a cleaner, more sofa like appearance.

The futon is filled with our Cotton Rich Twin Loft filling; 2 layers of wool, 2 layers of polyester and 3 layers of cotton rich felt. Our cotton rich felt is a breathable filling making the mattress cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Available in Sage Tibetan.

Please note this is a mattress only and does not come with a frame. You can also buy the Studio with our Adelphi or Cavendish 2 Seater frames by clicking here.